Noble madiba
true descendant of Africa
leaved in prisons and exile
yet ; honest in every trust
humble as a child
tender hearted as a woman
who could not bear to injure
even his most envenomed foe
charity for all
malice toward none
endowed with common sense and intelligence never surpassed
grew as a stateman who won the gratitude of Africa
and admiration of the world

sword of truth

We’re just acting
by others action
Glowing and shinning
but rotten woods
Lust in love
Magical feelings; all lies

Our purpose; Ambition
Our skills; Our pretension
Zealous in our Devotion
and our friendship; a contention
Our practice; only hate

Seeking commendation
lagging in charity
knew all the books
But knew no love
Patriots in reverse order

Our justice; A delay
So dim; so perfect
A child bears the hammer
But my hope lives like a citadel

morsels of power

our true democrats are

Comrades who preside over

the sabotage of our nation

who accumulate wealth

under cover of the night

Civil servant who erect

mansions in strategic places

and capable of bringing heaven to earth

barons of incompetence

and office loafers

who ginger

unproductivity and fraud

parasite sucking their people dry

in their quest to swallow morsels of power

monstrous agglomeration of soldiers

armed to the teeth

ready to devour

our true democrats  are

those in air conditioned offices

who ride in the most  prestigious cars

and dine with damsels of

their daughters age group

those with character

and competence that

inspires kleptocracy

leaders whose actions and inactions

has raised the symptoms of a failed state.

Minister of a Deity

The man
Yes that man in a red robe
Yes the one in black hat
And white chalk over his face
O! Yea he’s the one
The traditional slave
slave to tradition you mean?
I once saw him in my dream
His mission untold
He’s the eyes of the gods
You mean messenger of the gods?
Yea! the carrier of sacrifice
To the creator
To appease the gods
And atone hideous abomination
With abragadabra calls
the spirit of the dead
Spirit of our fathers
And ancestors
Offering prayers of conciliation
It is said that with good tongue
The snail crosses the thorns
And that a man not guilty of any sin
Crosses the waters
On a piece of a calabash
May we never be in need
And not find a helper
I pray for the good of our
People in their farm
And for those at home
For the good of those at work
And for our children at play
Any man who looks at us
With an evil eye
Let him go blind
Live and let live
If the kite perches
Let the eagle perch
Whichever denies the other
The right to perch
May it wing break
Did you say that?
Are you one of them?
Well, these words he said in my dream
To a strange creature
It face I could not behold
minister of the gods.

Unkind to mankind. (Chris Nwogu)

It all started somewhere in the garden
She turned left instead of right
Following where the serpent pointed
A scapegoat
deserving whatever suffering heaped on her
She caused him to fall

He who once worshipped with us
Has turned his back
His reason
Our mind’s a traitor
I have seen great sorrow
loom upon the sons of men
From time immemorial

By the hoe shall you live
No survival till you till

Even when the land was ready
Waiting for crops
The rain fled away
And left the cloud naked
And the roaring holocaust
Of his vengeance fills the earth
The sun in her incessant cruelty
Sucked moistures of the earth
To it very last drop
Burning furnace
Like a bulging eye of madness
Parboiled man like farmers to rice
To ease shelling
Man lean upon his hoe
To mend a broken plate
The God‘s unkind to mankind
Fortunate is the man who has
Never tasted Gods vengeance.

Chris Nwogu.

guilty as charge by SIMPLYsea. at nairaland

…….Guilty as Charge……
If loving u is my crime
Guilty is my plea.
How can i plead otherwise when in my eyes my
weaknesses u’ve already realised…?
How can i act strong when at d mere tot of u, d
luv bell within is rung, and wit every luv song
my silly heart sing along…?
Can d sun forever hide its shine in d shadows
of d night…?
Can a knight wit all its might fight aright with
his luv in sight?
He certainly couldn’t
And neither can i…
O cuddlemii, if loving u is my crime,
U can read out ur verdict now
Cos guilty indeed is my plea!

LOST VICTORY. by e-talker at nairaland


Thunderous clap barracks
A resounding yell…
On the red carpet of fame
Snap! Snap!! Snap!!!
Camera lights and flashes blinks
In illumination of a star…
From a pogue’s roar came a stunning speech
Once jeered to fail by unstable frienemies-
Scorned by the fans and cursed upon
Till failure beget victory, it became known that

success has a voice, the voice of failure!