Unkind to mankind. (Chris Nwogu)

It all started somewhere in the garden
She turned left instead of right
Following where the serpent pointed
A scapegoat
deserving whatever suffering heaped on her
She caused him to fall

He who once worshipped with us
Has turned his back
His reason
Our mind’s a traitor
I have seen great sorrow
loom upon the sons of men
From time immemorial

By the hoe shall you live
No survival till you till

Even when the land was ready
Waiting for crops
The rain fled away
And left the cloud naked
And the roaring holocaust
Of his vengeance fills the earth
The sun in her incessant cruelty
Sucked moistures of the earth
To it very last drop
Burning furnace
Like a bulging eye of madness
Parboiled man like farmers to rice
To ease shelling
Man lean upon his hoe
To mend a broken plate
The God‘s unkind to mankind
Fortunate is the man who has
Never tasted Gods vengeance.

Chris Nwogu.


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