Unkind to mankind. (Chris Nwogu)

It all started somewhere in the garden
She turned left instead of right
Following where the serpent pointed
A scapegoat
deserving whatever suffering heaped on her
She caused him to fall

He who once worshipped with us
Has turned his back
His reason
Our mind’s a traitor
I have seen great sorrow
loom upon the sons of men
From time immemorial

By the hoe shall you live
No survival till you till

Even when the land was ready
Waiting for crops
The rain fled away
And left the cloud naked
And the roaring holocaust
Of his vengeance fills the earth
The sun in her incessant cruelty
Sucked moistures of the earth
To it very last drop
Burning furnace
Like a bulging eye of madness
Parboiled man like farmers to rice
To ease shelling
Man lean upon his hoe
To mend a broken plate
The God‘s unkind to mankind
Fortunate is the man who has
Never tasted Gods vengeance.

Chris Nwogu.

LOST VICTORY. by e-talker at nairaland


Thunderous clap barracks
A resounding yell…
On the red carpet of fame
Snap! Snap!! Snap!!!
Camera lights and flashes blinks
In illumination of a star…
From a pogue’s roar came a stunning speech
Once jeered to fail by unstable frienemies-
Scorned by the fans and cursed upon
Till failure beget victory, it became known that

success has a voice, the voice of failure!

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE [by Uyiosa at naijastories.com


At the pinnacle of a pyramid
No voice will remain unsung
An empire, an ideal prime
As old Babylon blasts higher
The wary grow older
Society withers away from innocence
All engines glowing
The man at the end smiles
A palace full of lovers and well-wishers
Persistent and relentless for peace and manna
Prejudice towards color
The love for rainbow
Up and Forward
Searching for more questions
Day after Day
We strive to define ourselves with murder
Carefully culling the rejected from the rest
The final answer to trouble is death

fire in my vein [by Vicky at nairaland.com

Much I desired when Youth did fire my veins,
To join fair combat with some foe august;
And more I dreaded sloth and creeping rust
Than any meed of martyr scorns and pains.
How would my heart beat quick at clarion
All to the God of battle would I trust–
As one who, midst the hissing barbs and dust,
From some swift Argive chariot flung the
But now my pulse is slowed, my veins are cold,
O Spirit of the leafage silver-green–
Now let thy cool sweet shadow intervene,
That I no more the strenuous day behold;
So fold me, as the flocks that rest in fold,
While Hesper makes the darkening sky serene.

by HARDDON. at nairaland.com

Ƒoя long in solitude i sat
And wished some1 out there cud hear ♏ԑ sing
Sing in height of soulfulness
And in d fountain of freedom
Where d gods colour words
And angels drool from its allure
I flowed among d heavenly clouds
And wished ƒoя my kind to klass
Each day, i throw a web
But not a soul will
Not oηε heart feel
They understood ♏ԑ not
And i was coined with craze
He romance words some Saч
He entice wines some whine
But within ♏ԑ, it wells
And den it turns dark
and to ma shell i tranced
In search of solace Ma Wow World was born
And i opined: if dey can’t dig Me, let ♏ԑ spill in
my diaries
And hopefully, find some peace in my pieces
I dot and dab upon coarse canvass
Ƒoя sublime perceptions
Ƒoя d thrills of my wanton ways
My never ending seas
Upon мч aisle i danced slow
Sometimes fast
Until i wrenched all sanity from your sail
And you seee words in its undiluted state
Solo again, i tuk a lil amble
Upon dis vast empty plain
And suddenly, behold, мч long
Dis wand
All spread up in мч before
A quadrangle
Where human in angelic linens danced free
Cuddlemii in kul karess
Firestar in free fall , Quail
Ma heart leap but ƒoя joy
Roll out d drums in d town square
Sound d gong in d market place
Make winé merry and heart red
unleash d dragon
And let men ĸпoω
Dat once upon a time where mere men sleek
lines’ Generals
Let’s dab , shall we?

flower of my heart by chris nwogu

My iron will; melted away
The whole world stopped
Just one touch sent my armies to war
The strength of her love
The softness of her voice
The tenderness of her arms
Urged my spirit to do more
Not counting the cost
Not counting the pain
My world stood still At her confession
Of how she felt safe in my company
The tenderness of her arms
Lured me to greatness
She crowned me with success
She is my light
Illuminating my path
Her love guided me pass many obstacle
And made me king before my peers
The softness of her voice pushed me onward
Past the darkest forest
Defeating sea monsters and forest demons
Guided by her light at the darkest
moment of my life
Her gentle hands pushed me with assurance of hope and greatness
She’s my world
My light
My treasure
She’s my Glory.

devil on the cross by chris nwogu

They came in their boat
From across the sea
With their mission of civilization
And we welcomed them
Them long nose and red ears
With skin like that of an overripe orange
Yet we accepted them
As messengers of God
We accepted their mission
And were converted
In believe that we were accepting God
As if we believe he ever existed
They came with a book
of documented history
They called the bible
A decoy, book of treachery
With which they justified their action
They said they wanted merchandise
And we gave them
We gave them everything
Including ourselves
And became famished owners of the land
They took our resources and marketplace
Left us destitute
Unable to stand the temptation of belonging
Some were priced out of their conscience
Under the heavyweight of poverty
They joined in the quest
To loot their people’s treasure
They and their accomplice
Said they were re arranging the land
When they took our fathers in slavery
They heap up Kilimanjaro’s
of black gold across the Nile
Tripping the peoples future into foreign land
To impoverish their people
Vultures and hyenas in guise of brothers